Barrhaven House Painters – Reviews and Pictures

Barrhaven house painters with Ottawa House Painting paint all over the city but as we are physically located in Barrhaven, we do a lot of house painting here.  This area has really tripled in size over the past 20 years making a lot of folks who need our service.  Below are pictures and reviews from some of the homes our Barrhaven house painters have completed.  See more Ottawa house painting pictures and reviews from families around the city.

When you are new to a city it can be hard when you have a tonne of things to do to get your family settled.  Cynthia lucked out with her real estate agent who was a great help to her and her family.  When she wanted her entire home painted and not knowing who to trust, he referred her to Ottawa House Painting to paint her new home in Stonebridge, Barrhaven.

It was my pleasure to make it look like she envisioned!  The colour is beautiful and has quickly become one of my favourite greys, Stonington Gray.

Enjoy your new home folks and welcome to Barrhaven and Ottawa!

“We just moved to Barrhaven into a beautiful home which needed a full colour change. I was very hesitant on painting my house one colour but I wanted it to be a clean look. Paul reassured me it was going to be perfect.

Paul is very professional, very clean, always on time, and just a very nice guy to work with. His quote was very reasonable and stuck to the time line provided. He was very patient with us as I have two small children but he worked around them and made sure everything was not within their reach. Plus I threw in asking him to paint my closets while he was here and he was very accommodating.

I highly recommend Ottawa House Painting. If you want the job done right, Paul is your guy.”

Stonebridge in Barrhaven



Before and After Pictures of Ceiling Stains Repaired!

Many of us have bathtub floods or other bathroom issues that cause an overflow of water that finds it way down through the ceiling below leaving stains in the ceiling.  If you have tried to repair them yourself and find you just can’t make them disappear no matter what you do give us a call.  Mike in Barrhaven had a couple of occasions that ended with stains on the ceiling and gave us a shout.

Pictures tell the story.  Water overflow in the bathroom above that finds its way through the floor and stained the ceiling downstairs pretty bad.  I spent the day there tending to this and their living room ceiling.  Everything gets covered in plastic to avoid having little spatter marks all over your floors, furniture, appliances, etc.  Then the stains get treated with a special blocking, sealing primer, then a couple coats of quality ceiling paint and you are as good as new!

What is the best way to have your Barrhaven home painted? 

Ask Charlie!

He left us the house keys and he and the family headed off on holidays.  Came back a couple weeks later and all the work was done.  Furniture all back in place, painting completed with new colours and ready for the family to get back to their normal routine. 

Nice to come back to Barrhaven and the work and clean up is all done!  No fuss, no mess, just a fresh new paint colour.

Welcome home!

“With three very busy kids painting the main section of my house is a challenge due to the sheer volume of traffic!! Knowing Paul through years of minor hockey I didn’t hesitate to hand him the keys and walk away. Although I had known Paul was painting as a second career he was actually referred to me a mutual friend in real estate and he said the work was fantastic.

Paul came to see the house, walked us through the process and left us the colour pallet. We chose the colours, I gave Paul the keys and left the province. He stayed in touch with me throughout the process and the feeling when I opened the door to a freshly painted house was incredible.

Very easy process, his prices are very fair and work, such as drywall touch ups, trim and ceiling lines, is fantastic. If you are looking to have some house painting done, I strongly endorse Paul and Ottawa House Painting.”



After having a lot of renovations done in her home, Terry asked us to come in and paint the living room, dining room, a couple bedrooms and a whole lot of doors and frames.  Amazing how going the extra mile to do your doors and door jams makes the rest of the paint look infinitely better!  I only wish we took more and better pictures to show… Now that the renovations are done, enjoy your home being quiet again!

“After living through a few months of renovations I did not have the will to finish painting so contacted Paul.  I’m so happy with the results that I’m reluctant to re hang my pictures!  Paul was professional, friendly and reasonable, very tidy and always cleaned up before leaving for the day.  He did a great job repairing gouges and holes in the drywall and took great care with the detail work of ceiling lines, trim and doors.  I would have no problem in recommending Paul to family and friends.

Thank you Paul for a job well done!”



Barrhaven House Painters – Reviews and Pictures (continued)

Cheryl has a very comfortable nanny suite in her Barrhaven home but it had been a while since it had been painted.  They picked the colours and we got the lr/dr/kitchen and bedroom all freshened up for her.  Makes a big difference with the pure white doors and trim!  Thanks for calling our Barrhaven house painters at Ottawa House Painting!

“We found Paul to be friendly, courteous and professional from the moment we met him. He was thorough and ensured that he understand what our job involved. He worked hard and left our house very clean. We were very pleased with the end result and would highly recommend him to our friends.”



Susan’s new home in Barrhaven is ready for her and the boys!  It started out completely green.  Susan had a different vision in mind and we are happy we could accomplish that for her.  Enjoy your new home!

“Thanks Paul!! You did an awesome job transforming my house into a warm home!! Thanks for painting my entire home!! You did a great professional job!!  It was an absolute pleasure working with you!! 

I look forward to my second project ..painting the outside this week!!!”