Should I Paint My Ceiling?

Should I Paint My Ceiling

When it comes to painting ceilings, kitchen ceilings are by far the most common request we get at Ottawa House Painting. No matter how hard you try to keep your kitchen ceiling clean, they always seem to get some spatter and stains.  At least after we properly paint them for you, they are much easier to wipe clean!

Ceilings are often forgotten when planning a fresh look for your home. Many folks have experienced the terribly thin layer of paint the original builder put on the walls when the walls appear to turn into sponges when you start putting new paint over them. Ceilings are the same.   It is fair to say a great majority of homes in Ottawa have not had their ceilings painted since the home was built.

Some painters will purposefully neglect to mention doing your ceilings or actively campaign not to do them. Why? Because they are really hard on the back and take much longer to tend to than walls do. They are not fun to paint. There is much more prep work. Rooms should be emptied of most of the furniture so there is proper work space for an even clean job. Drop clothes have to cover EVERYTHING as splatters will, not may, come down. Light fixtures have to be covered well and often dropped down a bit from the ceiling. Little stucco pieces come down if you have stucco/stippled ceilings and have to be caught up with drop clothes. It is hard work doing ceilings and it will add more to the cost of the overall project than any walls, doors, or trim will. So again… Why should I paint my ceiling?

Because you will think it was well worth it when you see the results in the end.

People are often stunned when they see a fresh coat of paint on their ceilings. What looked ‘not that bad’ before now looks dismal compared to the newly painted area. What looked like a white ceiling now looks grey and dirty compared to the fresh paint. You will see the same transformation again when the second coat goes on. It makes a huge difference. If you have stucco/stipple ceilings that have never had a new coat of paint put on them you’ll find that all you have to do is brush against them and dust and pieces fall off. Put a fresh coat of ceiling paint on there and they become hard and resilient.

Should I Paint My Ceiling

Part of properly painting your ceilings is preparing the room. Ottawa House Painting always takes care to have drop clothes down and areas properly protected but when it comes to doing ceilings… not an inch can be missed or it will end up with little tiny paint spatters!

Freshly painted ceilings make the colours you pick for the walls pop and they brighten a room. Well worth the extra expense and effort they take to do.

Now having said all that, you have to plan for the expense, extra time for the job and the effort to avoid the mess. Is it worth it? It all depends on the condition of your home.   In most case you don’t HAVE to do it and that’s why they don’t get done as often. We will give you the options so you can make a good decision that is right for you.

If you would like a free quote to have ceilings in your home painted, give Ottawa House Painting a call and we’ll pop by at your convenience!



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